NCIS Order Information and Optional Add-on Features

Important Message for NCIS Users:
The Dept. of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) is no longer purchasing statewide access to the Nevada Career Information System (NCIS) and account access expired on Sept. 18th. If your site would like to continue using the NCIS, please use the order form below.

Contact us with questions or to send payments:

5258 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5258
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Order Form for all products listed below.

  • NCIS (Nevada Career Information System) is an online planning tool which provides comprehensive and current educational and career information. NCIS has four unique and targeted products for middle school, high school, postsecondary and adult users. Cost: $525 per site.
  • IDEAS (Interest Determination, Exploration, and Assessment System) is available annually for a per site lease. IDEAS helps users rate their preferences of 128 tasks from the Career Assessment Inventory list. IDEAS generates an individualized profile linking users interest choices to sixteen occupational areas. Results are then stored in My Portfolio. There is a Spanish option available for this component. Cost: $200 per site.
  • Sherlock is a guidance assessment, reporting, communications, and evaluation system for schools and education support programs. Sherlock enables school counselors and education support professionals to collect key data on student interests, needs, experiences, and perceptions about their academic and career development. The purpose of the assessments is to inform efforts to enable higher levels of academic success, educational attainment, and career development.
  • Academic Practice Test Packages are available annually for considerable cost savings. Sites can choose and customize the practices packages that best match their users' needs. For one low price, all students at a school can take SAT or ACT practice tests. Adults can practice Civil Services tests. Academic Test Prep is a program to increase knowledge and improve test scores. It helps students prepare to take the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. Help students get familiar with the exams, find out where to focus their study time, and build test-taking confidence. The Academic Test Prep package includes preparation for ACT, SAT, PSAT, GED, CLEP, and ASVAB. See order form for full pricing options.

The practice tests feature:

  • Full-length, timed tests for each exam. Questions designed to simulate actual test-all questions types are featured. Save and return to partially completed tests. Detailed explanations of correct answers for every question, tips and hints to boost performance
  • Access 24/7.